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  • Sheen Man Co.,Ltd.
  • スーガン株式会社
  • スーガン株式会社
  • Sugan Co.,Ltd.
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Sheen Man Co., Ltd.
1. Outline of Sheen Man

Sheen Man Co., Ltd. was established in September, 1974. Since
then, it has been distributing interventional radiology products as major product line through its own sales force covering all over Japan. Most of the products are imported by Sugan Co., Ltd., which was the former overseas division of Sheen Man and presently a stand alone company. Sheen Man provides the products as the distributor throughout Japan.

The development of new products( Import and Domestic Manufacturing) are energetically performed by joint efforts of Sheen Man-Marketing Group and Sugan.

Marketing groups are divided into four such as IVR Group, IVC Group and Non-Vas Group. Each group is conducting strategic marketing for new product development, market research of its specialized products, market analysis, and planning of sales targets.

The sales force are based in Osaka head office, Tokyo branch office and Kyushu branch office and these three offices cover whole region of Japan as detailed below:

Osaka head office:
1) Kinki area
2) Chugoku・Shikoku areas
3) Tokai-Hokuriku area(not including Shizuoka)

Tokyo branch office:
1) Kanto area
2) Koshinetsu area
3) Tohoku・Hokkaido areas
4) Shizuoka area

Kyushu branch office:
1) Kyushu area
2) Okinawa area