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  • Sheen Man Co.,Ltd.
  • スーガン株式会社
  • スーガン株式会社
  • Sugan Co.,Ltd.
  • 透明性への取り組み
Sugan Co., Ltd.
1. Name of the Company: Sugan Co., Ltd.

2. Address, Phone and Fax: 1-12-10, Higashi Tenma, Kita-Ku, Osaka,
530-0044 Phone 06-6354-6181
Fax 06-6354-8007

3. Establishment: February 5, 1988

4. Chief Executive Officer: Atsushi Sugahara

5. Number of employees: 29

6. Capital: \12,000,000

7. Banks: The Mizuho Bank, Umeda Branch
The Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Minami Morimachi Branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Tenma Branch
The Risona Bank, Umeda Kitaguchi Branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Senba Branch

8. Manufacturers of products Sugan handles:
Merit Medical Systems, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Argon Medical Devices(U.S.A.)
UreSil LLC(U.S.A.)
Balt Extrusion(France)
Dilon Technologies(U.S.A.)

9. Product of its own manufacture: Zone Master Automatic Contrast Injector

10. About Sugan Co., Ltd.
International Division of Sheen Man Co., Ltd. became independent of Sheen Man and formed Sugan Co., Ltd, in February 1988. Sugan's profession is to correspond with overseas manufacturers, import,export and manufacture medical devices, deal in regulatory issues, such as Japanese PAL(Yakuji Law), and to communicate with government agencies and hospitals.

11. About Sheen Man Co., Ltd.
Sheen Man Co., Ltd.(click the link to Sheen Man Co., Ltd. to see details) was established in September 1974, and has been selling and distributing mainly interventional radiology products using its own distribution channels throughout Japan. Sheen Man also has Technical Support group for installation and servicing of medical equipment.

12. The licenses and quality standard certification Sugan holds:
● Sales licenses of medical devices.
● Marketing Authorization Holder licenses of medical devices.
● Manufacturing licenses of medical devices.
● ISO13485: 2003

13. Services Sugan provides:

● import and export of medical devices.

● exploration of new products to import, develop or manufacture.

● act as Marketing Authorization Holder.